2012 District Conference


May 18-20, 2012  
Savannah, GA.
Hilton Savannah DeSoto

CHANGES and PAYMENT: If you want to modify a previous registration or pay for a previous registration click here.

REGISTRATION FEES: Registrant $35, Spouse/Partner $15, Additional Guests $35.

MAIL-IN FORM: If you prefer a mail-in form click here (pdf).

FAMILIES or GROUPS: This Registration format allows all persons in a party to be registered on the same form. Note that names are required for all guests. Meal selections should be made as the total requested for the entire group (yourself and all guests).

HOTEL Reservations: Hilton Savannah DeSoto
15 East Liberty Street, Savannah, Georgia,  31401-3979
The number for making reservations is 1-877-280-0751.
Here is a link to our District 6920 Convention
hotel reservation page
(click here).

GUESTS: If you plan to bring a Spouse/ Partner, or Guest  to any meal, they need to be registered and need to pay the registration fee.
Meals can be purchased individually or as a meal plan.


    (All tickets procured will be marked with your identity)

Member Registration Fee


**Red asterisk fields are required:


**First Name:  

**Last Name:  









                  **Rotary  Member ?      Yes    No

Rotarian:  Please select Club Name  and Rotary title.    

**Club Name:  

**Current Title:      

Spouse/ Partner $15 Registration Fee and Additional Guests $35 Registration Fee each
(Include all of the guests that will accompany you)

         Will your Spouse/ Partner attend ?     Yes    No  Spouse/ Partner Name : (First & Last)   
         If  Spouse/ Partner is a Rotarian, enter title and club : Title:    Club Name:
         Please enter the number of guests with names below (other than yourself and your Spouse/ Partner).
            (First & Last Names - separate with commas)

         Number of  Guests:                         Names: 

         Provide any special requirements needed by any attendee due to health issues:   

  Select total meals for
Member and all Guests

         Meal Package -  All meals (save $10)

         Friday Lunch - Buffet     ($25) Friday Dinner - Buffet     ($50)  
         Saturday Breakfast - Typical breakfast items     ($25) Saturday Dinner - Buffet  Includes a full live performance at the Savannah Theatre     ($55)  
         Sunday Brunch - Buffet     ($30)      

SOCIAL ACTIVITIES ( Pay at the event - not available as pre-pay registration items )
he Saturday Afternoon activities are on your own. Social Activities selections are shown on the Events Tab.

        Optional Note to Registration Office:  
         >>>> CHECKOUT <<<<< 
When selections are complete - Press "Calculate Total"

If you want to make a change, do so and then press the  "Calculate Total" again.


Registration Fee Cost: $        Food Cost: $    

Your total registration cost is:  $

        Next - When you are satisfied with your selections and the cost, Press "Transmit Form and Pay" to send your form to the
          District 6920 Registration
Committee. You will then be transferred to a page where you can select a payment method.

To make hotel reservations please contact the
Hilton Savannah DeSoto
  Hotel rooms are being held for our conference.

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